Most folks today have so much going on that staying focused on any task for a given length of time can be quite the challenge. Piacquadio

With the constant barrage of information, technology, and life events that are happening these days we tend to get pulled in so many different directions.

The good thing about all this is that if we begin to understand the brain, we can improve our productivity and personal performance.

I like to think our brains typically have adjusted to life’s distractions over the years but today’s technological digital age has brought distractions and the inability to focus to a new level.

Distractions can make us think that we are unable to achieve what we are supposed to get done leading to frustration and unproductivity. I imagine this has been going on since the dawn of mankind.

Like myself, we can take great pride in the ability to multitask but it can also have negative consequences.

In the hurry to get multiple things done at once we are more likely to make costly errors, become irritable, and negatively impact our lives.

In order to maintain a positive, productive attitude and get tasks accomplished, try these 3 tricks for staying focused.

  • Place Your Tasks in the Proper Order of Completion

Typically what we do is complete the less demanding tasks first and move up the ladder to the more demanding tasks. As we do this, understandably we slowly drain our energy and our ability to focus.

The solution to this is to reverse the order of task completion.

Tasks that are most demanding on your energy, concentration, and brain focus should be done first, and then move on to the less demanding tasks as you go throughout the day.

  • Devote Specific Tasks for Specific Times

According to recent studies by Keri Wiginton June 1, 2021, The Washington Post, our ability to really focus may be limited to about 4 to 5 hours a day.

This means that we need to make the most of those quality hours.

Personally, I do the bulk of my work in two-hour stints both early in the morning and late at night when all is quiet. It all depends on your own best times to work.

Determine when those best hours are for you and start from the most demanding tasks to the least.

Some people do their work best in the early morning hours, others are far more productive in the evening. Fortunately, I am able to work my best both early in the morning and then late at night but only for a couple of hours at a time.

Find a comfortable place to work and allocate your time well. Take advantage of when you are at your best and utilize that time without distractions.

  • Teach Your Brain To Do What You Want

You can train your brain to focus better and longer.

The brain is quick to adapt. Practice concentration techniques at least once a day by turning off distraction devices and being for a short period of time, Doing this will teach your brain and you will get work accomplished.

Seek the cooperation of your surrounding family members or colleagues. Make sure they give you the time to focus without distractions.

Start with five minutes at a time and progress forward from there. You can train your brain just as you can train your other body parts.

When you work out you are training your muscles and the same principle goes for the brain.

Teach your brain to focus. Start small and build from there. Use headphones with music or use those silencing headphones to shut out the world. You’ll quickly figure out what works for you.

In Closing

The world is full of distractions and getting work completed can be a challenge.

Following the 3 suggestions detailed in this post will help you be the best you can be. You can be productive and be happy about it.

Find a quiet place and teach that wonderful brain of yours to allow you to get work done.

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