This is a question I receive frequently, “Is there any way to earn $500 today on the internet”? My initial and honest response is “no” you cannot earn $500 today, but you can learn how.

On the other hand, if you are already a seasoned marketer that may be different. However, for those that ask the question, it is safe to assume that you’re not a seasoned marketer.

earn $500 today
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To earn $500 a day you may need to pursue investing. For example, if you invest in day trading and know what you’re doing or maybe even crypto which is even more volatile, you might earn that kind of money.

If someone tells you they have the magic program or overnight loophole to earn $500 today you’re most likely speaking to the wrong person.

There is no overnight, get rich programs on the internet folks. So many offers online are all about feeding into your dreams and making money for the “gurus”.

If you want to be successful online you have to work for it. Many days, late nights and effort must be expended to see financial gains working online no matter what avenue is pursued.

Additionally, stay focused on one project and don’t deviate.

If you choose affiliate marketing stick with it. Don’t jump from one project to another.

Do not become a victim of “shiny object syndrome” which simply put, is the jumping from one offer or strategy to another without ever achieving any one of them at all. Everything is a distraction.

Earn $500 a Day Obtaining Knowledge

Knowledge is paramount to success online. If you don’t know what you are doing you are destined to fail.

Read and study what is going on and how successful people are doing it. Don’t try to recreate the wheel. Affiliate marketing is a path that beginners can pursue and learn about.

Do what already works. Follow the advice of experienced people willing to share their success stories and method.

I was taught to build an email list. That’s easy to say but takes time and energy as well. It is all a labor of love but an email list can be a gold mine.

With the right guidance, you will be taught how to do affiliate marketing the correct way, the first time out.

If cannot or do not want to put in the long hours, days, and even years then go a different path.

The online world is the wild, wild west. Either you love it and are willing to put in the work or you just don’t enjoy all the aggravations.

Yes, it all can be very complicated with many steps involved. Even though affiliate marketing is probably the best way to get started, that is still a complicated process to get things moving in the right direction.

One suggestion I would make and it is probably the most important one to follow is to find and use a good mentor representing a successful program.

A program that is already to be proven successful with mentorship that is determined to help you along the way.

In Closing

If you’ve decided to pursue affiliate marketing, good for you. Probably a good choice. Now you are ready to start your journey into the wild world of making money online.

There are many steps involved but keep working at it and give yourself a good year to get established.

Do not get caught up in the “shiny object syndrome”. It can cost you your success.

Don’t try to go about this affiliate marketing without mentorship. Otherwise, you will probably waste a lot of time and money.

Remember I spoke about knowledge? Well, here you can get started learning for free very easily.

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To Your Success,

Frank Wesley

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