To get into the habit of writing every day can be a challenge for any content writer.

Many of us need to write daily fresh content for our blogs. Some of us need to finish our books or write articles on a daily basis as virtual assistants.

get into the habit of writing every day

Regardless of the reason, many of us just need to write every day. So, that requires getting into the habit of writing consistently without it being a burden.

Writing is in many ways like exercising our body. I see writing as an exercise for my brain. Just like our bodies, to get in excellent shape we need to exercise every day.

The second we skip a day or two of exercise, the habit can be compromised, and then it gets harder to start again.

To develop a habit you need to do whatever the task is consistently, in this case writing on a daily basis.

How to establish a habit? Habits are developed when a particular activity or action becomes automatic. Habits can happen without wanting them to happen but they can also be intentionally developed to meet our needs in a positive way.

So instead of experiencing those days when you are sitting at your computer just staring at the screen, get into the habit of writing every day by following these simple tips.

Five Tips To Get Into the Habit of Writing Every Day

  • Determine the ideal location to write. Determine a location where you are able to write your best. Be sure to eliminate all distractions. Put your phone on silent or better yet, in another room on silent. If you are a music geek like myself, use headphones and let your music help you to focus. If music helps great, if not, don’t force it. Ultimately you want a good spot that is comfortable without distractions.
  • Commit to a specific time to write every day. To help you to get into the habit of writing every day, choose a specific time to start writing and commit to that time. Do not deviate from this time and schedule your other obligations around your writing time.
  • Establish goals. Don’t focus on the final amount of writing that needs to be accomplished. Rather, determine the number of words that you want to complete in one given writing session per day. Make it a very reasonable number and stick to it daily. Very importantly, write down your goals. When they are written they are more realistic. Hold yourself accountable and sit down at your pre-determine favorite location and accomplish your goal. Achieving this accomplishment will lead to wanting to achieve the next day.
  • Write without editing. Yes, start writing, and don’t stop. You can edit at a later time. Focus on getting your thoughts down as they come flowing from your mind. Following this method allows for getting all your thoughts down without forgetting anything. Get your story or information down and then go back and edit later.
  • Create deadlines for yourself. Having a deadline is a great way to stay motivated. You know if you have a deadline you need to meet that deadline or there will be consequences. Create a consequence for not meeting the deadline and also, create a positive reinforcer for meeting the deadline. Again, write down the deadline date or mark it on a calendar you see every day.

In Closing

So yes, you can get into the habit of writing every day. Start with these basic tips and you’ll be able to develop a healthy habit of writing.

There are actually more steps involved but focus on these basics and keep working at it. Give yourself at least 66 days as the experts have determined to make this an automatic behavior.

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