6 Types of Online Work Opportunities That I Have Personal Experience With, The Last Being The Most Profitable

Looking for a type of online work that you can apply at home and start a home business?

I have suggested six here. I have personal experience with all of them but the best and most reliable one is my last suggestion. With it you can establish a legitimate home business.


Reselling means discovering inexpensive products that you can sell for more money.

This could be a viable type of online work if you have unique skills or knowledge. The key is to locate products that are less available to other people.

Therefore, they may be willing to pay more to purchase these items and have them delivered.

For example, an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller. Here, you would purchase items at a low cost and resell them at a higher cost.

Proofreading, Editing, or Translation

If writing is your passion, here is an option. This is a type of online work that you can quickly turn into an income source.

As of right now, you may take the skill of good writing for granted. But in all actuality, many people have difficulties with writing.

Many people simply are not skilled in writing sales notices, extensive descriptions, or even social media posts.

There’s a huge market out there that would be delighted to outsource this kind of work.

Here’s your opportunity. Many entrepreneurs write their own internet site content or blog posts. These require editing and proofreading, or even translation for an alternative group.

All you need to do to acquire that customer is to provide your skills. Do so on a platform such as Upwork.

 Upwork is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers to demonstrate their skills and experience.

You’ll be able to describe your areas of competence. Also, you can display examples of your work for those interested in hiring you for the gig.

Virtual assistant

The jobs of a virtual assistant can vary from basic duties like data recording to more complicated web analysis. Other duties could include lead development, Photoshop modifications, and/or thorough LinkedIn research.

Begin by specifying your experience and offering it on one of the freelancer websites.

The more impressive your qualifications and testimonials are, the more likely you are to build an income from this type of online work.

Good virtual assistants are usually in high demand.


If you are skillful in the creation of crafts, there is absolutely an audience for your craft.

Certainly, you can promote your designs in offline events like crafts fairs or holiday markets.

Nevertheless, marketing online will most likely be more lucrative and may even become a type of online work. Particularly if a portion of your craft is digital.

Facebook is probably the most obvious source to begin using.

You’ll want to develop a page for your goods and encourage all your connections to join. For entertainment, you could create a competition with cost-free giveaways.

This way you’ll be able to spread the word about your products and get your first fan base.

You can even include a store on your Facebook page or Marketplace. That makes it possible for purchasing and selling right in the app.

Etsy is a well-known platform for featuring handmade products.

It is very easy to use and does everything that’s necessary.

Even in the event that your product is digital, you can still sell it on Etsy.

Online Course Tutor or Creator

Online learning is a growing industry. It is expected to reach hundreds of billions.

There’s a great deal of money to be made for someone who has particular skill-sets to provide to students.

If you are experienced in any skill-set, there are thousands of students waiting to be educated from your course.

You begin the process by applying as a tutor or creator in any of the available online course platforms. Platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy.

I personally use Skillshare and it has worked well for me.

Also, ensure you create a credible LinkedIn profile and provide a cost-free intro video to your course.

There are many educators making a nice amount of money on Skillshare and Udemy.

The only way to start making money is to first join either of these platforms and get acquainted with what they offer.

Affiliate Marketing – The Most Profitable for Me

Affiliate marketing is the method of providing a service for another merchant.

That service is you marketing their merchandise or services by means of special affiliate links provided by the merchant.

Once you make a sale, you then earn a commission of the sale.

First, you register on a merchant’s affiliate platform. That is when you’ll receive the special link you’ll use to make that sale and earn a commission.

As mentioned earlier, the one type of online work that has allowed me to build a respectable online business has been affiliate marketing.

Honestly, it can be somewhat daunting and challenging to get started without a clear blueprint and guidance.

So, my number one suggestion is to:

Discover a Highly Respected, Honest Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Based on my own experience at affiliate marketing, if you fail to get superior mentoring you are at a disadvantage. You probably will squander much precious money and time.

Establishing a relationship with an excellent affiliate marketing mentor will give you an advantage. An advantage in understanding all the nuances of affiliate marketing without wasting resources.

I squandered precious time and money for many years attempting to make money with various affiliate products and methods to no avail.

I got sucked into that dreaded “shiny object syndrome” and had a difficult time getting myself back on track.

Once I decided to join one particular mentorship program my success as an affiliate marketer took off.

It didn’t happen overnight and if you think that it will, you are in the wrong place. It takes some work but with the right guidance and support, you will be amazed.

With this mentorship program you will receive:

  • Quality, very current and up-to-date instruction on how to and what not to do.
  • Excellent high converting products to market.
  • A professional, down-to-earth supportive mentor that provides all the guidance necessary.

In Closing:

It’s definitely possible to build a respectable online business at home. Once the correct type of online work is decided upon and the correct way to go about it is understood, you are good.

Don’t mess around and lose valuable time. Follow the steps of the successful people that have already figured this all out.

To Your Success,

Frank Wesley

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