What you must accept? Just pay attention to what you’re about to read and you will better your odds for Internet success.

what you must accept
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I just love the Internet. It allows for anyone to become someone.

It’s opportunity at our fingertips. If you persist, you can establish a presence online.

Of course, you must have an online connection and a computer. Have that and you are good to go.

The internet provides opportunities for anyone hoping to make money online.

The only problem with making money online is that without a blueprint on how to create a passive income, it will take a lot of your time and money to figure it all out.

How to address that long learning curve? More on that later!

These are the facts detailing what you must accept when pursuing success online.


No Need for Intelligence

Flaunting intelligence will get you nowhere in the online world.

If you try to look or act more intelligent than others, you will be found out and lose credibility quickly.

You definitely do not want to compromise your credibility.

The online world is constantly changing at a quick rate so you need to be busy in the trenches staying familiar with everything.

Don’t think your intellect will bring you success. The internet can be very humbling so just be yourself. Learn what is going on by doing.

The internet will pass you by at a moment’s notice if you’re not constantly learning.

Think simple and keep it simple.

You Must Be Willing To Look Silly

Let me tell you, I have looked incredibly silly many times. It simply happens to all of us.

I’m embarrassed by some of the things I’ve put out there but it’s all a learning process.

People who are willing to look silly and don’t take it too personally will grow the most.

They don’t sit there and fret over mistakes, they learn to move on and put it past them.

Keep plugging away because if you look at it simplistically, you’ve got zero to lose and a lot to gain.

When You Don’t See Results Immediately, Stick to It. Avoid Being a Hamster!

I’ve listened to many people over the years regarding their online progress. Unfortunately, many of them don’t make it.

They pick up a product, give it a try for a month or so and then very quickly give up on it when they don’t see the expected results.

Then, they start looking for the next product to try with hopes that maybe this one will work.

This is called “shiny object syndrome” and will bring about zero success.

You’ll just be running aimlessly like a hamster in a wheel.

Avoid being a hamster!

Don’t Be Skeptical

The bottom line, many people do make money online so why not you?

Perhaps it’s because of skepticism.

It’s easier to think that none of this stuff works and dismiss the opportunity.

Fact is, regular folks like you and me with average intelligence have figured out the secret and make money from many of the platforms available.

Once again, it’s not intelligence that does it.

It’s having an open mind, perseverance, and understanding that the secret to your success is having a coach that cares about you.

Focus on Others and Not Yourself

I’ve seen many folks simply fail and give up on making money online. Reason being, making money online isn’t about self, it is about others.

Some are in it for themselves. Everything is about them and expectations.

That my friend is the incorrect attitude. A recipe for failure.

What makes the real money online is having a genuine interest in other people.

Focus not on yourself but on the needs of others.

Understanding this will better your odds of success.

You Have Got To Exercise Patience

Be patient or don’t even bother. Nothing good on the internet happens overnight or even in months.

It takes time. Look at it in years as opposed to days or months.

Don’t complain about how long it is taking. Most don’t really give a rat’s arse if you succeed or not so don’t bother with negativism.

Use that energy towards sticking to the plan.

Final Thoughts

Making money online is hard at the start.

So is every other worthwhile goal in life. But it gets easier once you’ve made your first few bucks.

The number 1 key to minimize the learning curve is to have a good coach.

A coach that knows their area of expertise and one that sincerely cares about your success will help you minimize mistakes.

My coach and mentor is John Thornhill. He is well respected and has helped many of his students succeed.

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To Your Success,
Frank Wesley

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