However, complete the basics incorrectly and you’ll be just another person who’s out of business in no time.

If you’re going to start affiliate marketing, you must get started on the right track.

The number one reason people fail in the IM/affiliate marketing business (and biz in general) is because…

They don’t look at it like it’s a business.

They look at it as if it is some type of mystery land and basic marketing and business principles do not exist. Not the case at all.

Remember why we exist…

We exist to solve somebody’s problem. That’s it.

Let’s talk about how we solve it.

Unique Selling Proposition

What is Unique Selling Proposition, USP?

In the business world, it is the marketing strategy of making sure your customers understand and know why your brand or product is superior to your competitors.

It’s very important that your business stands out and separates itself from the crowd.

Having a great USP allows you to compete in the crowded space known as the internet. If you position yourself properly it allows you to rise over the competition.

Just because you may not be selling your own product doesn’t mean you don’t need a USP.

This is a huge problem with affiliate marketing today.

Most people look at an affiliate as somebody who just drives traffic to a vendor’s offer.

Think differently and focus on solving the issues that your customers are dealing with.

That issue can be any number of things such as needing additional income or losing weight just to name a couple.

Remember, they are your clients.

Your purpose is to solve their needs.

This is why affiliate marketing is such a dream.

You have the flexibility to serve people in an incredible way.

You are free to mix and match solutions to meet the needs of your clients.

Let Me Give You an Example

Let’s say you operate in the trading niche where you can promote one generic high-ticket course.

With this niche, you can have multiple different funnels in place.

One is for brand new traders, one is for intraday stock traders, one is for experienced traders, one is for swing traders, one is for commodities/futures traders, and so on.

Each one of these funnels promotes the same high-ticket item as the end result.

Keep in mind that you’re able to do this if the end product is really incredible.

One excellent USP example is Domino’s Pizza. It was: “Fresh, Hot Pizza Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes Or Less – Or It’s Free”.

Notice how nothing was said about the taste or the quality. Nor is there any mention of whether the ingredients are being imported from the old country or are they domestic?

It’s a very simple USP, but it’s brutally effective.

It is very clear what the client is getting. Dominos isn’t competing with the artisan high-end pizza at the Italian restaurant down the road.

They’re not competing with the New York-style local pizzeria. It’s very simple, you’re going to get hot pizza to your door in less than 30 minutes. Simple and concise.

To the point. Clear as day.

You must figure out your USP so you can differentiate yourself from all the competition.

The problem with new internet marketers is that they have a hard time just getting all the tech stuff worked out.

They throw an offer or some copy on a page that they think is going to make them become overnight millionaires.

They haven’t done all the groundwork.

It’s the difference between success and failure.

Final Important Suggestion

As I mentioned earlier, many new internet marketers have a hard time just getting all the tech stuff worked out.

That presents quite a problem because for one, learning all the specifics of the technology can be very time-consuming.

Then of course there are so many other components of understanding the whole big picture and getting it all done.

Without help, it can be close to impossible to accomplish.

The solution is to acquire a coach that has proven experience.

You want a coach who sincerely cares about your success and will help you minimize mistakes.

My coach and mentor is John Thornhill. He is well respected and has helped many of his students succeed.

He has introduced and taught me everything I needed to achieve the success I was working towards.

For the first time in my marketing career, I am able to clearly see and understand the entire process needed to succeed in the Internet, Affiliate Marketing arena.

To find out more information about John and what he has to offer at no cost to you, just “Click Here” and reserve your seat to attend a webinar event detailing everything you need to know.

To Your Success,
Frank Wesley

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